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Welcome to the official site of CG Tribe (Computer Graphics Tribe)!

We are a team of talented and professional programming and design specialists working in the area of computer graphics. Our primary focus is in 3D-graphics, and we also offer programming services for Internet and database applications.

We are located in the city of Izhevsk , in the Ural Mountains region of Russia . During the Cold War era, Izhevsk was a restricted military-industrial zone, where electronics technology was developed for the Soviet military and space industry. Since Izhevsk was a “restricted city” and oriented toward the production of high-technology electronic military systems, a top-tier scientific educational complex was founded here for the training of highly-qualified specialists.

Our company has developed an internship program to attract the best among these well-trained professionals. Talented students and university graduates who have acquired professional-level skills in computer graphics and programming are invited to participate in our projects, and we offer permanent positions with our company to those who achieve the best performance.

Our technical staff keeps abreast of recent developments in the industry and follows the appearance of new technologies. This preparedness, coupled with ongoing investments in our own development, helps us to maintain our position on the cutting edge, always ready to satisfy our client's needs.


We can undertake your entire project, and we can also partner with your in-house staff or other vendors to cover individual stages of the effort - whatever works best for you. Our specialists can seamlessly join in to work on projects that are already under development.

We have a proven track record of working with clients to ensure that their challenging projects are completed on time.

The quality of the finished product is our most important priority. Attention to quality is a fundamental business value for us, and it is our number one goal for inter-company investments.

Our company has enormous flexibility because we can easily scale our production capacity through our network of highly-trained free-lancers and part-time professionals. This broad talent pool also improves the quality of our work by feeding in new ideas and making available a variety of approaches to solving a problem.