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3D-graphics is our core competency.

Over the course of our company's history, we have accumulated an abundance of experience in 3D modeling and the development of content for 3D games of varying complexity. We can create low-poly models with shading, as well as average- and high-poly models, for which we employ custom shaders.

We are ready to take on your entire development process, from sketches to animation, or to render assistance at any individual stage of the process.

The specialists in our company are expertly trained, and apply the latest technology and methods in their work. Thus prepared, we are able to work masterfully in any field of 3D-graphics, including interior design presentation and 3D game character development.

We offer our clients the following:

• High-accuracy modeling of mechanical objects based on drafts.

• The development of real-time natural and urban landscapes, for game levels and presentations over a broad range of complexity.

• The design of avatars.

Human characters.
The University campus.
Making of normal map.
The tank T80.
Human characters.
Architectural simulation.
The seamonster.
Low-poly animals.

We can develop characters based on sketches made by your artist, and we can also do custom development of a character concept in accordance with your wishes. In our character development process, we follow your specifications together with anatomical conventions.

For the development of characters, our specialists employ state of the art 3D technology: Zbrush and Full Body IK. We can develop characters that comply with the requirements of animation tools such as Alias Motion Builder or PMG Messiah.

All models can be made using either the low-poly or high-poly approach, and we can do the completion of these models with HLSL, CgFX, FX real-time shaders.


We develop completely textured models including:

color map, diffuse map, bump map, specularity map, transparency map, and displacement map.

All models and textures can be made in different ways, using different editors. For example, the following are used in generating a normal map:

•  If the initial model is low-poly organic, it is imported to Zbrush, and a highly specified model is created with the tools native to this program. Later, based on the difference between the high- and lowpoly models, a high-quality normal map is generated.

•  When an initial model is high-poly or is a particular technical pattern and not organic, Alias Maya is used for the normal map generation.

Our artists can choose from a variety of methods: textures can be drawn in 2D editors - from Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to Genetica and Map Zone; the 3D editors Projection and Zbrush can also be used for drawing textures. This allows the generation of highly specified models in a more natural manner at a later stage.